June 24, 2016

When you buy a house any realtor will tell you that location, location, location is the most important consideration. 

Similarly, any couples counsellor worth their salt should tell you that when attempting to repair your relationship, communication, communication, co...

May 9, 2015


According to John M. Gottman PhD., a leading researcher in the field of couple's therapy, at the very foundation of a happy and successful relationship lies marital friendship. It is simply not enough to love each other, or be romantically attracted to each other, to...

May 8, 2015


Talking about difficult issues and attempting to find a solutions is inevitable situation in any relationship.  Often, you don't want talk “about it” because of the fear of the whole conversation “going wrong” and ending up with the usual arguments and unpleasant feel...

May 7, 2015


In my conversations with my clients, friends and family, I often hear people say to me that they want to be completely independent.


For many, it is an ideal goal as our society puts independence on a pedestal. And yet, as much as we strive, many of us fail to reach t...

May 4, 2015


Let's be clear, conflict in relationships is unavoidable.  It tends to happen and is part of being a human being, in any relationship. Therefore, this blog isn't about avoiding conflict, but what you can do differently when conflict arises.  This will help you diminis...

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