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We specialize in supporting people struggling with social anxiety in Vancouver, BC.

Social Anxiety Counselling


Social anxiety causes you intense stress and fear.  It closes in on you when you feel judged.  It debilitates you when you feel rejected.  We know you worry about appearing visibly anxious and inadequate.  We understand the overwhelming fear you can experience in social situations and how frequently those situations present themselves.  Your daily life can be fraught with uncomfortable and traumatic situations.

Fortunately, loving care and support is at hand.  At Vida Relationships our social anxiety specialist, Jennifer Harrison, realizes you are not what your anxiety tells you and truly cares about YOU.  She uses gentle clinical techniques to help you deal with the terrible constraints of social anxiety.  At Vida we are all trained counsellors and psychotherapists, providing individual therapy to help you heal and recover from social anxiety, depression, trauma and post-traumatic stress.  Jennifer is specially trained in trauma informed therapy and specializes in working with anxiety in all its forms.

Jennifer is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental environment for you to share in.  She will also caringly work with you to overcome stressful barriers to social anxiety, using helpful methods like applied mindfulness and relaxation.  Throughout the process her relationship with you is paramount, making you feel calmer and more confident.  All our counsellors at Vida Relationships consistently take ongoing training and professional development in the best ways to help you heal social anxiety.  Our priority is always to help you overcome the very things that cause you so much pain and difficulty.

Our Social Anxiety Specialist, Jennifer Harrison, RTC
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We want you to know you do not need to suffer on your own. Counselling and psychotherapy are supportive and compassionate therapeutic methods of healing work, that can help you transform the difficulties and tension that are holding you back from you feeling your best in life.  Our therapists are skilled in helping you feel the best you.

To book an appointment with our social anxiety specialist, Jennifer Harrison, simply click HERE.  Jennifer is highly skilled in working with you overcome your fears and helping you heal to a better, more confident you.

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