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Viktoria Ivanova, M.Ed, CCC - Associate Couples Therapist & Relationship Counsellor.

Viktoria Ivanova - Individual & Couples Counsellor

I am Certified Canadian Counsellor in Vancouver, BC and I work with individuals, couples and families who are suffering from relationship conflicts, trauma and who want more peace and harmony with their loved ones.


My passion lies in supporting and empowering individuals in building strong and healthy relationships. I dedicated myself to be being a therapist because I experienced the transformational power of counselling myself. By taking that journey, I found a place of safety, confidence, and peace within myself that allows me to build strong and authentic relationships.


I believe that everyone deserves to love, and be loved. And as your relational therapist, I would be honored to serve as a guide that helps you remove the obstacles and roadblocks on your journey to a deep and lasting relationship.


I love working with couples and families because I understand how painful and distressing it can be to struggle with forming and keeping quality, satisfying relationships. I understand that sometimes we have unresolved struggles within ourselves that prevent us from being able to trruly show up and be present. Sometimes our past histories or our insecurities can stand in the way of us trusting another person and feeling connected. I want to be a help to those relationships in need and believe that with the gentle guidance of an experienced therapist, past traumas and anxieties can be overcome and transformed into a blossoming relationship.


I bring my experience, my training and my heart to work with each and every client. I have completed my Master’s in Counselling Psychology at the University of Western Ontario and I continue to deepen my knowledge in this field by attending workshops and other professional development opportunities in my field.

"With the gentle guidance of an experienced therapist, difficulties can be overcome and transformed into a blossoming relationship."

“I came to see Viktoria when my relationship was falling apart. From the very first appointment, I felt comfortable and safe to talk to Viktoria about my deepest problems. In just a couple of sessions, I started to see changes as I became aware of the sources of my anxiety and mistrust that came from my early relationships. Viktoria was tender and compassionate in helping me process my earlier experiences, learn how to calm my body and mind, and discover what love was really about.” 


Jody, Vancouver

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