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Effective Couples Counselling, Marriage Therapy and Relationship Coaching in Vancouver, BC

We specialize in results driven tools that transform relationship struggles and re-build the relational bridge.

Your relationship does not need to fail. With our support and expertise, you can enjoy a deeper connection than ever before.

You do not need to live with relationship pain.

We are Matt & Carly, a husband and wife team, who lead a dedicated team of specialist Relationship Counsellors and Therapists in Vancouver, BC. We are committed to helping individuals, couples and families in conflict heal their relationship pain and restore the love, respect and connection that has been painfully lost.


We feel saddened by the high and unnecessary divorce/separation rate and know that couples and families don't have to feel their relationship problems are hopeless. All of the therapists at our clinic are specialists in the field of Couples and Family Counselling and so you can be assured your relationship is in good hands.

Don't continue to struggle on your own

We are here to help. Make the first step to see your conflicts dissipate, your family pieced back together and a reawakening of connection and intimacy that once felt irretrievable. If you could use a little individual support as well, our compassionate counsellors have got you covered.



Our services are solution-focused and transformational. With research informed methods we aim to get your relationship thriving again:


Our team are trained in relationship assessment to help you get to the root of the struggles to ensure effective solutions. 


Our Counsellors are trained specialists in creating healthy, thriving relationships.

We wouldn't want you to trust your relationship with anything less. Let us show you how we can help.

Contact us to book your free consultation.

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Suite 200 - 1687 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

 Tel: (604) 307-6050

Thanks for your message. We will be in touch within 24 hours.

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