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Specialist and Effective Couples Counselling, Marriage Therapy and Family Counselling services in Vancouver, BC.

Our Services

We offer services for couples, families and individuals who want to heal relationship pain, find more effective ways of dealing with conflicts and develop a strong and joyful bond with their loved one. 


You are truly in good hands as we work with you to: 


  • Learn effective communication skills to end painful, conflict-ridden dynamics

  • Stop 'dirty fighting' tactics and put in place empathic and compassionate listening tools that resolve issues

  • Resolve repeating arguments that go nowhere by getting to the root of the issues so healing can take place

  • Heal from infidelity and recover connection and intimacy to safeguard your bond

  • Reawaken your sexual relationship 

  • Recover loving connection by building empathy and compassion for one another

  • Restore the 'Couple as a team' and turn your relationship into a safe haven through the rocky seas of life

  • Become better friends, learn to have fun, play together and maintain your relationship alliance no matter what life throws your way



We offer clinical counselling, communication coaching, individual psychotherapy and relationship coaching for couples and families. You might be seeking help for a particular conflict or ongoing communication difficulties, or you might be wanting to do some individual psychotherapy work on your own to look at ways you can be more confident, present and connected in relationships. 

Our Team

Contact us today to get your relationship where you want it to be.


Call (604) 307-6050 or contact us here to book your couples, family or individual counselling appointment today!


Have some questions? Book a free in-person or phone consultation with one of our team to learn more about how we can help you get back on track.

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