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We offer safe, non-judgmental and compassionate Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy in Vancouver, BC.

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Alongside our passion and commitment for helping couples and families, we are first and foremost trained Clinical Counsellors & Psychotherapists and provide individual psychotherapy to help you recover from anxiety issues, depression, stress management and recovery from trauma and post-traumatic stress.


You may also come to us to speak individually about your relationship difficulties. This can be very helpful compliment to your couples/family counselling sessions.


If any of the above resonates with you we want you to know that we are here and you do not need to suffer on your own. Counselling and psychotherapy are supporting and compassionate therapeutic methods of healing work that can help you transform the difficulties and tension that are holding you back from you feeling your best in life.



Have you been suffering with any of the following?



  • Feeling down, ‘low’, depressed mood and unsure of why

  • Chronic low self-esteem and feeling generally bad about yourself

  • Feeling anxious or ‘keyed up’, having panic attacks and struggling to feel calm and relaxed about things

  • Dealing with a life stress or overwhelming problem and struggling to find clarity

  • Dealing with the effects of past abuse or suffering to recover from a trauma

  • Difficulty managing overwhelming emotions and caught in cycle of overeating, over-shopping, overworking and other self-medicating behaviours

  • Struggling to find meaning and purpose in your life and a desire to find direction to make a change

  • Dealing with a bereavement or loss of relationship and feeling grief



Our therapists are skilled in helping you feel the best you.


We offer help with depression, anxiety issues (generalised anxiety, OCD, social anxiety), panic attacks, trauma recovery, confidence building and relationship challenges.


We are all strong advocates of relational approaches to psychotherapy as the research indicates that finding a warm, empathic compassionate therapist who you feel really connects with you will make your sessions work best for you. We all practice with this important relationship in mind and pride ourselves on our open hearts, friendly and accepting presence and skill in helping you to feel comfortable, safe and valued.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards a more satisfying life and a happier you.

Call (604) 307-6050 or contact us here to book your couples, family or individual counselling appointment today!


Have some questions? Book a free in-person or phone consultation with one of our team to learn more about how we can help you get back on track.

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