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We offer effective Family Therapy and Parent Counselling services for families in conflict in Vancouver, BC.

Family Counselling

If your family has been struggling with conflict, tension and disconnection lately, then we are here to offer effective family counselling services and relationship psychotherapy support to help restore a healthy functioning family system.


All families sometimes struggle with complicated issues, disagreements and conflicts from time to time but when the conflicts are ongoing and/or feel too difficult to resolve, a family counsellor can bring a great deal of nurturing, support and hope to the situation. Sometimes there are specific family traumas, divorce or separation and challenging parenting issues for children and teens etc. Often members are getting triggered in their interactions with each other and unhealthy reactions may be repeating. We will help you identify and track patterns in communication in the family and to help make conscious the ways it may be breaking down.


Your precious family in good hands


Our Clinical Directors Matt & Carly are also Certified teachers with over 20 years experience working as educators and counsellors in elementary and secondary schools in both Canada and the UK. Their combined years of working in education brings experience with difficult behaviours, autistic spectrum challenges and family mediation. Both our directors understands childhood and adolescent development very well and are skilled in facilitating effective parent/child communication.


How Does it all Work?


The first session is with the parents/guardians and the counsellor. Then over the duration of your treatment, we may have you all attend sessions together as a family group and/or see smaller groupings such as parent-child or siblings to work on resolving conflict and strengthening relationships with each other. We will discuss an effective treatment plan with you when we meet for your assessment session.


Together we will work on helping you identify and work through overwhelming emotions and find healthier ways of communicating. With more effective tools your family can diffuse conflicts, heal together and find real solutions to problems when they arise.


By restoring a healthy family system you all can feel more secure, relaxed and connected with each other. These positive changes can help reduce anxiety, depression and stress leading to happier and healthier family life.

Contact us today to get your relationship where you want it to be. 

Call (604) 307-6050 or contact us here to book your couples, family or individual counselling appointment today!


Have some questions? Book a free in-person or phone consultation with one of our team to learn more about how we can help you get back on track.

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